About Emuadmin

Emuadmin is a company specialized in the development of Internet solutions.

Our range of services is wide enough to solve most common issues related to the Internet. Our overall goal is quality. Emuadmin’s highly experienced and skilled engineers are self-motivated, able and willing to handle your tasks. Our market policy is a flexible one, so we are aiming to satify all your needs, not to apply a standard “customer handling template”.

We like to serve our customers in a quality manner, so we think that we must provide quality solution when it is about customers suggestions and customer support. Emuadmin communicates with its customers through real-time environments (instant messaging, IRC, phone etc) and receives alerts too in urgent cases.

Emuadmin is your Internet solution provider. Starting from basic scripts set up to advanced server managemet or powerful clusters. Further on, your are invited to browse our site, especially the Services section.

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