Frequently Asked Questions

This is the official FAQ of Emuadmin. You should read this document first before asking general questions about us. However, if your question is not answered here, do not hestiate to contact us.

What is Emuadmin?

Emuadmin is a company specialized in the development of Internet solutions. We are able and willing to solve most Internet and network related issues, being skilled and experienced in this IT area.

Emuadmin employees are very well trained in thier expertise areas and also quick learners, enabling us to provide quality custom solutions.

What services Emuadmin provides?

Our main areas of expertise are Internet solution development and custom software. Emuadmin is ready to provide quality Internet solutions for most issues, from basic server server setup or script instalation to advanced server security and powerful clusters. The solution is fully customizable and well monitored, Emuadmin providing 24/7 monitoring and live support.

Emuadmin also develops custom software using a large range of programming languages and for many hardware and software platforms. We are specialized in client-server applications, system maintance tools, various system utilities, web scripting and more.

Which products are supported?

Emuadmin supports all open source products, from operating systems (FreeBSD, Linux, etc.) to advanced Internet servers (Qmail, PostgreSQL, djbDNS). We provide full services, so product customization will be done if required.

Can Emuadmin develop custom products?

Yes, we can. Either we customize a popular or prefered software, either we develop a new products to fit your needs, which are unique as each customer is unique.

How can I get in touch with Emuadmin?

You can contact us via email at for general inquieries, or at for sales related questions.

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